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Exchange email sent to PST file instead of Exchange mailbox

I have an account that sends mail to the PST file instead of the exchange mailbox which means the person can't get email on their phone, they can see it when it comes in but when its read it goes to the desktop's PST and isn't stored in the mailbox. How do I fix this? We've tried enable/disable cache mode and it doesnt fix it.
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What version of Outlook are you using?
Verify you're connecting to Exchange via MAPI and not POP3.  Under account settings will see want it to be directed to something like "Mailbox - John Doe", and not "Personal Folders".  If you're on Outlook 2007 or 2010, it looks different than 2003.  Go under Account Settings > Data files tab.  Make sure the mailbox entry is the default.
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Its for 2003, i'll look to see where its currently being sent.
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WOW that was simple, hadn't seen that before.

Worked, thanks!