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Problems with Remote Desktop Services in Server 2008 R2

I am using Remote Desktop Services running on Server 2008 R2 to run a School Based Student Information system software. Since the connection speed between schools in our school division is very poor we have to use this Remote Desktop Services feature (formerly Terminal Services).

When I log on to the server using Remote Desktop Services and then log on to the application, I have issues when running the program. When I click on the menu system within the program the contents of the menu will not show up. Only by clicking my mouse on the menu (the File Menu as an example) and then holding my mouse button down for a second or two do the contents of the menu then show up. I have talked to another school division running the same version of this software and they report the same issue.

Has anyone ever heard of such an issue with Remote Desktop Services in Server 2008 R2?When we ran a previous version of this application under Server 2003 using terminal services, everything behaved as expected.

The producer of the software points the finger at Remote Desktop Services, but I'm not sure if they are just saying this to deflect responsibility from them.

Any feedback is appreciated.

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Change the profile to 56k on the user's RDP client and see if that helps.  It will change the mouse/keypress queuing options.
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Thanks for the suggestion but no luck.
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thanks for the suggestions but nothing has helped me resolve the issue.
thanks for the feedback