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I must have deleted the call log from my Palm Centro smart phone.

How do I reinstall it? thanks.
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Thanks for getting back to me. Let me clarify what my problem is.

I don't really care whether the database containing all of my phone call logs is deleted or not. My only concern is that as of a week or 2 ago, I could not find the call log on my Palm at all.

I have Filez and was able to locate the PhoneCallDB which indicates the size of 36,864 bytes/599 records. It also indicates a unique ID of -217119768, card 0. I have no idea what I'm supposed to do with this or if I even need it because like I said before, I am much less interested in the actual database of all phone calls, than I am of seeing from this point forward, my actual Call Log.

Is it possible that the database is there but the actual application has been deleted accidentally? As far as syncing, I generally do that about 2-4 times a week. Is there a way to find out whether I have the application on my Palm or not, and if not, where can I download it from?

Thank you very much for your help.
My guess is that PhoneCallDB has gotten corrupted. You can try to replace it with a prior version from when it was working. However, I would probably start with a soft reset, and see if that resolves the issue (unlikely, but start with the simplist, least destructive option first. If that doesn't work, my next step would be to go into the Call History and select the Purge option, and see if clearing the history does the job. If THAT doesn't work, then put an older copy of PhoneCallDB onto your memory card and then load it back into the phone and use FileZ to replace the current one with an older copy. You can also try just deleting the PhoneCallDB file and performing a soft reset, the PalmOS should regenerate a clean copy.

Tried everything and still no call log.

Found which is HP's Palm Support page. Before going through the arduous looking install of the update (my version on the phone is 1.02), I wanted to ask you if you see any point to it, since the install will probably mess up other things, knowing HP.

Is there no place where I can simply download/install the missing application for the call log?
No, there's no way to do that. I don't think it's a separate app, but tied into the Verison-flavor of PalmOS. It sounds like a hard reset may be what you need. The software update will accomplish that as well, so it may a fine way to go, since you have to back up everything anyway.
I will probably do the software version then.

I have always had this question so I might as well ask it now since it is appropriate:

When talking about backing up everything, since most data comes from Microsoft Outlook, I assume that after doing a sync, that will be restored as part of the normal process. When you say backup, are you pretty much talking only about Palm-specific apps? If so, what would you recommend as the easiest way to locate, do a consolidated backup of all the app (any particular file structure?), and then bring everything back over to the Palm?

Thanks again.
Well, a good backup program will restore settings and data that may be lost through a hard reset, not just the contacts, calendar, etc that are maintained in Outlook. I recommend NVbackup ( but there are others.

Great to know. I have a backup program that I use all the time for regular data but not something specifically for the Palm. I will give this a try. Thanks again for all your help.
If you try the software update, be sure to leave a note indicating if that fixed the problem, so others can see if it will work or not... (and because I'm interested :) )
Oh sure, just call me Mr. guinea pig! Snort. (I don't know what  noise a guinea pig makes so I just went with his older brother.)
Hey, I'd loan you mine (I've already moved on to Android) but the call log still worked when I last used it, so it wouldn't be a good test case. :)
I understand. Thanks for your help. On dealing with bigger problems now but will get to it as soon as I can and let you know.
I must've messed up the comments thing because I didn't mean to give to myself obviously. I don't know how to have it switched, though.
You can click on the "Request Attention" link up in the box where your original question is, and get a moderator to finalize it. Whatever you want to do is fine with me, I don't need the points.