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Group Policy won't replicate

We installed a proxy server and updated the group policy to pass down the proxy information to IE. The first replication took effect and every user got the settings just fine. The problem is when I change the settings, add or remove exceptions, etc the new setting are not getting passed down to the users. I'm not sure what I'm forgetting.

Also if I un check the use proxy option at a user's computer I would assume the proxy setting would go back to how they are in Group Policy the next time the log in, but they don't. Any changes on the user's end stay in effect no matter what. Even when the gpupdate command is given. Is there a way I can make the GP settings override previous setting every time a replication happens?
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Group policy can take up to 24 hours to get passed down.

You used the gpupdate /force and re-booted and it still did not fix it?
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gpupdate, gpupdate /force, nor a reboot helped. I've left the setting sit for over a week and the server has been rebooted as well.
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