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Using Actionscript or Javascript to unload movie using Captivate 5.5

I have an application an agency built that houses my training videos (created with Captivate 5.5). Now users can click to start a video and then immediately close it and the application shows that they viewed/completed the entire movie. I need to find a way for Captivate to send a call (or something) to the application telling it that the movie has finished.


I do not know much Actionscript or Javascript but I am a fast learner. I read in past posts where this was accomplished in Captivate 2.0 and 3.0 by


1) coping the captivate movie into Flash and adding two lines of code (Actionscript)


import flash.external.Externalinterface;

External Interface.addCallback("unload", this, unloanSQF);


2) the following would be added to the HTML page


//Detect Flash container movie
function getFlashMovie(movieName) {
   if (navigator.appName.indexOf("Microsoft") != -1) {
      return window[movieName];
   else {
      return document[movieName];

//Function to be called by Captivate
function captivateUnload() {
   //Calls "unload" method established in ExternalInterface Actionscript code


3) Add the Javascript call captivateUnload() to the Captivate button.




I am hoping that the procedure has gotten better with 5.5; plus I do not want to use a button. I want the unload event to occur automatically when the movie ends. Plus, I can't see how to produce a fla version to be imported and edited in flash.

Any help or direction would greatly appreciated.

 Thank you, Jim
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just to clarify, I can include this javascript as written that will call "callJsUnloan"

<BODY  onUnload="function( flashMovieObject.callJsUnload() )">

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