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Not getting e-mail when I am in the TO field with more than one other recipient

I am running a Windows Server 2003 Standard R2 SP2 with MS Exchange Server 2003 Enterprise Edition.

I seem to be the only person that this affects.

When people within my organization send me e-mail with myself and at least one other person in the TO field, I do not get the message.

I do receive any message where I am the only one in the TO field or if I am CC'ed or BCC'ed on a message.

The only time I do not receive them is when I am in the TO field with other people.

I can't find anything on this anywhere.
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This is intersting. Which client are you using to send mails?
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Using Outlook 2003 as part of the Office 2003 package
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I am testing out the Rule theory. So far so good. I will come back and award points if that turns out to be the answer.
I had one strange rule that I don't recall creating. I have deleted it and am testingnow.
Thanks for the help.