Robocopy - Access Denied

I was wondering if there was a way to have robocopy skip files that the account does not have access to?  I have a bunch of files to move and it keeps getting stuck at "access denied" for a few files.


I want to skip those, get with the admin, then grab the ones i missed later on.  
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You can reduce the time taken to skip each of these files using two parameters.

To reduce the number of times each file is retried - /R:1 - will retry each only once. (I have never tried /R:0)

To reduce the wait time for each file - /W:1 will wait 1 second for each file.

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Here's a couple of strings I tend to use.  In addition to the switches vk3kjc has listed, make sure you have logging turned on with the /log /v switch so you can track down what was skipped later:

I use this one for live migration of file-systems (ie moving the file server role to a new system) mostly during business hours, ie during business hours I make a copy to destination, run as many times as necessary to update that destination based on source changes (MIR switch), then when ready and outside of hours I will remove the old path to data, run the command one more time to make sure everything is updated, then give everyone the new path to the data.  The final out-of-hours is kept as short as possible as only changed files are copied.  Tip - keep the old data for a little while as a rollback plan.
robocopy d:\source f:\destination /mir /copyall /r:1 /w:5 /log:c:\robolog230208.txt /v

Used for run-once copy, grabs all attributes but no purge or MIR switches.
robocopy x:\source x:\target /copyall /e /r:1 /w:5 /log:c:\robolog.txt /v
deroodeSystems AdministratorCommented:
The additional parameters /R:0 /W:0 work perfectly;
Retry none, no wait.
sb0IT Director/Network AdminCommented:
I must add in addition to RoboCopy --- Beyond Compare is also a great tool (I haven't used RichCopy but I hear good things).
30-day trial should be more than enough for a data migration (if you need more you can sign in as a different user :)
It's GUI and not as complicated with RoboCopy with the switches just to not sit at an access denied loop if unmonitored :)
However, if you're a command line guy like me you will be stubborn and stick to your ways ! LOL
Both get the job done - just throwing another option out there for the masses.
Good luck IT Admins!

Thank you for the tips on this one!
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