Dependency error installing CGG rpm on AIX 5.3

I have no idea what dependency it's looking for:

> rpm -i gcc-4.6.1-1.aix5.3.ppc.rpm
error: failed dependencies:
info is needed by gcc-4.6.1-1
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actually you don't need info to run gcc.

It's only needed if you want to read the "texinfo" formatted GNU project

Moreover, info in turn depends on bash and gettext, where gettext in its turn
has several further dependencies.

So if info is is the only dependency which is left issue

rpm -i --nodeps gcc-4.6.1-1.aix5.3.ppc.rpm

and it will work!


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try adding a -v option.

It will give you more information about problems.
With "if info is is the only dependency which is left..." I meant to say that you must have installed the other dependency package, libgcc before you can use "--nodeps", because libgcc is mandatory!

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