Button for users to email themselves

Dear Experts,

I am trying to create an HTML button to allow a user to email themselves a particular link (this link will be hard coded into the code)

The email address to send the email is basically the user's network name

Can anybody help?
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ImaCircularSawConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Actually, check out this link:


Looks like some really good jQuery stuff you could use to get SP parameters.  Hope this helps!
Check the mailto syntax:


As for gettintg the right content into the link, what webhsite is it and how do they access it?  Obviously, you'll need something to query for the user's details.  Is it an authenticated intranet?
correlateAuthor Commented:
The Website is a Sharepoint 2010 Intranet, it is an authenticated intranet
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In which case, you could do two things, you could write a SharePoint webpart that gets the user's account details.  You could also use some javascript on the page to get the content of the top-right control which has the user's name in and use that to construct an email address etc.

Is the email address similar to the following:


I'll see if I can fine some code I used before to do something similar.

This would also work as long as you can manipulate it to construst an email address from the information retrieved.
correlateAuthor Commented:
Hi Thanks for this,

I have tried using a work flow in sharepoint to achieve this, but couldnt find a way of starting the workflow when a user simply clicks either a field or a button.

I'm also wading my way through the Stackoverflow link
correlateAuthor Commented:
Many thanks for this - the project went on hold for a bit and when it came live again I revisited this & got it to work
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