how to archive a mailbox in SBS2003 without using outlook

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Hi I have a client who has mutiple disabled AD account s and they want to archive off the mailboxes for these accounts is there a way of doing this without adding each individual user to a outlook and exporting the mailbox?

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what version of exchange are you running?
With Exchange 2007 install the exchange management console and powershell on a 32bit machine with outlook installed on it. This will export the mailbox to a pst file with out having to load it in outlook.  You will need to enable the account prior to this then you can disable them when your done.  Open powershell and run this command
export-mailbox -identity domain/username -pstfolderpath folderPathforthefiletobestored


Its exchange 2003 that comes with a SBS 2003

I would agree with Spartan_1337 then.
Just adding to his comment

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