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I know Exchange 2003 SP2 had limit of 75gb.
I have a server with the following:
priv1.edb: 34.5gb
priv1.stm: 7.8gb = 43gb
pub1.edb: 29.6gb
pub1.stm tiny
Is the 75gb limit a combination of all the files I listed above, or ONLY the priv1.edb and pub1.edb?
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Only the priv1.edb and pub1.edb
You can increase the default size using this article. 
To clarify, not combined.   Each individual one.


Thank you for the quick response.  That is a relief! :-)
I have all the articles on how to expand but could not seem to find a document that verifies what files make up the limit.
Do you have a reference point in Microsoft documentation to verifies the statement that it is only the .edb file?
Thanks again.
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Microsoft article stating limit is per database. 

Also in it shows how to increase each individual private and public databases.  They are definately separate limits.


thank you for the follow up and detailed responses.

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