Hello All,

I am trying to understand the code below. Especially, the following line
var b=a.responseXML.getElementsByTagName("z:row");

Also, for the following (aryInfo[0] = b[0].getAttribute("ows_OAC");), where is the attribute coming from?

We are using SharePoint 2007.
Any help/explanation would be appreciated.

var aryReturn = new Array();
	var a=SPLISTCOLLECTION.getListItems("ProductList ","",'<Query><Where><Eq><FieldRef Name="Product Abbreviations" /><Value Type="Text">'+bName+'</Value></Eq></Where></Query>',"",1,"");
	var b=a.responseXML.getElementsByTagName("z:row");
    var aryInfo = new Array();
    aryInfo[0] = b[0].getAttribute("ows_OAC");
    aryInfo[1] = '';

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IsaacSharePoint Client Side DeveloperAsked:
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pivarConnect With a Mentor Commented:

var b=a.responseXML.getElementsByTagName("z:row");
This will give you a list of all elements with the tag name "z:row".  

aryInfo[0] = b[0].getAttribute("ows_OAC")
This will give you the attribute "ows_OAC" of element b[0].


b will hold a list of all <z:row> in your DOM.
aryinfo[0] will hold the value of attribute "ows_OAC"  of the first <z:row ows_OAC="xxx"> found.

IsaacSharePoint Client Side DeveloperAuthor Commented:
>>b will hold a list of all <z:row> in your DOM.<<

Will this be the DOM where my SharePoint list is located?
It's from a.responseXML which comes from SPLISTCOLLECTION.getListItems
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IsaacSharePoint Client Side DeveloperAuthor Commented:
is there a way to find out what this looks like?
If I went to my list and did a view source and searched on "ows_OAC", would I find it?

Thanks for your help.
IsaacSharePoint Client Side DeveloperAuthor Commented:
I gues what I'm asking is, how do I view the DOM?
I'm not a Sharepoint expert, but reading the code I assume you get a xml document from SPLISTCOLLECTION.getListItems (Sharepoint Lists?), and it's this xml you're querying for elements with tag "z:row". If you wan't to view this xml, you'll have to display it in your browser.
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