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eset Vs kaspersky Vs symantec

 - we are small business company with 40 users
 - SBS 2003 domain & exchange server

 Which Anti virus would you recommend for us.
 Which can cleanup antivirus,spam,spyware..etc...


 - Need comments from the above  users w.r.t performance,foot print,setup,security
3 Solutions
Most of the anti-virus software, the ones you mentioned and others like VIPRE and Norton, will work for your environment.  I believe some of the important issues to consider are cost of ownership and technical support.  I would try to find out which one of your choices would give you the best tech support and cost the least.
OCUBEAuthor Commented:

 I am open to other AV solutions as well.  I am not just considering the above 3.
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
ESET - installed at one client for a 2 year term.  Found it ineffective (multiple Antivirus 20xx infections) and overzealous (wrongly found other security software to be a virus).
Kaspersky - have installed at one client... seems effective, but the client only has 3 systems.  Do NOT like their support (they seem incompetent - can't get them to give me the correct serial for our upgrade to the current version).
Symantec/Norton - If you're looking to install the only commercially available malicious software, this is it!  If you enjoy running software that has a lot of checkboxes and suggests a lot of features, this is it!  If you don't mind the frequently occurring incompatibilities with Windows Updates and other software, Symantec has a great product!  If you don't mind running around cleaning infected PCs because Symantec failed to find a virus, I highly recommend them!  (I hope my sarcasm isn't lost - I HATE - no - that's too kind - LOATH Symantec products.  AWESOME Marketing team, IDIOTIC Programmers/Program Managers/Testers (1 or more of the 3).

I use VIPRE at MOST of my clients - replaced ESET with them.  And in most places I've had it deployed the response has been very positive and I've yet to have a real significant problem - and the support is great.
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Arman KhodabandeIT Manager and ConsultantCommented:
You have 3 ways to choose what's best for you: (It also depends on your PCs performance. Are they new or old?)

1) Looking at Anti virus comparison sites to see a full performance comparison between top AVs and then choose good ones.
2) Testing some of the Top ones on one of your PCs and watch the performance.
3) Using an expert's experience about AVs.

There are some sites that present good comparisons about famous AV's of the world. Just google "Antivirus Comparison". You'll fine the good one via their performance and many other aspects.
Or you can test some of the TOP ones on a PC and watch the performance yourself.
I myself liked this:

Some of top ones:

Personally I love Kaspersky because it has the most professional configuration plus that it has a user friendly interface and when you don't want it you can just exit it unlike all of other AV's on the market.
This is important because your PC maybe low performance and when you want to save resources you can just exit it. Other Av's just offer disabling not exiting !!!
The only disadvantage of Kaspersky is "once over" Startup loading time that makes OS heavy at the beginning But later it's nice and smooth.

After testing a lot of AV's It's my opinion:

I liked Avira too. It's light and blocks all of autorun viruses as well. (From flash memories which are the most threat in companies!)
Mcafee and Nod32 become unstable soon because of their programing (Mcafee for it's html base and Nod32 and ESET for their database getting corrupted soon)
Norton is just too heavy and instead of helping you will make your system unstable.
Symantec : I don't like it's interface plus that the performance and detection is not as good as kaspersky and Avira.
Bitdefender: I didn't like the licensing procedure at 2007 and it may my system heavy. But for now I don't know!
AVG I think is popular for being free for home use. Of course kaspersky let's you use it for 30 days for trial.
I've never hear of web root Antivirus!
I've never used G-data!

Hope that it helps

P.S. We use Avira on our university colleges (about 500 PCs) and it's a light, easy-to-update and easy to config Antivirus.
I myself use kaspersky on my home and work PCs and I'm satisfied with it. (It's the first antivirus to detect new viruses)

According to your requirement ,

it is recommended that you go for Kaspersky


Symantec is too heavy while it process and most of the time you would get performance slow at ur PCs
and network may get congested but it is a useful thing.
Eset is very efficient for a single node but as experienced its not much efficient for network.

Kaspersky is recommended as it holds following efficient components
1. File Anti-virus
2. Mail Anti-virus
3. Web Anti-virus
4. Proactive Defence
5. Anti-spy
6. Anti-Hacker
7. Anti-Spam

It feels your all requirements fits in here.
Arman KhodabandeIT Manager and ConsultantCommented:
This semester they've purchased kaspersky 6 for 5000 Computers (2-year license) in our university!
All saw it today!
The PCs work really nice and smooth (even the low performance PCs).
Although it's Kaspersky 6 but the interface has changed and looks very nice.
I liked it today . . . !
OCUBEAuthor Commented:

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