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Currently, I am implementing RDWeb running on Windows Server 2008 R2.
The main reason we are using this instead of RDP is because of an added layer of security (double login with domain\username).    Does anyone know of an alternative to RDWeb that would require a double login to a Windows Network (even a Linux based solution).  I am not looking for VPN solutions, just simply a product that would require a double login like RDweb.  Thanks.
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Here is more options than needed, but at least you have choice. Each link gives you details about that type remote software. Hope this is useful.

Kent DyerIT Security Analyst Senior

Be careful with VNC (e.g. Crossloop has it)..  There have been heated discussions about it..  Logmein has been good.




Sorry I wasn't clear in my original post. I  am looking for a server application that is desinged for authentication into a Microsoft Remote Desktop / Terminal Server environment - not a peer to peer remote software such as loginmein or VNC.
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You can still use RDP

In this image, if you select always use these credentials and enter incorrect credentials, then that would add your double logon authentication. In order to get to the logon screen correct credentials will be asked. Once the user is through to the terminal server then the incorrect credentials are applied and they will have to renter their domain\username and password.

Also select Always prompt for password that way a password is not needed with the fake credentials.


I need a server based solution, not client.  If anyone had the IP and port of the terminal server, I don't know how this method you mentioned would work, would they not be able to just login one time to gain access?
In this scenario, when the IP/ServerName:port is entered credentials are asked at initial connection before logon is initiated. (NLA should be enabled). Once the correct credentials are accepted for initial login, then the Fake "Fake UserName and Fake Domain"credentials are initiated and the user isn't logged on. They are brought to the logon screen where they will choose "Other User" and will have to enter the Domian\Username to gain access.

Create a test user and try it. This will be the only way to see if it is a possible solution for your Org.


@madunix those are peer-to-peer applications, as I mentioned already I am not looknig for now.
I read about someone called Microsoft's native VPN service:  Routing and Remote Access. I know I mentioned I didn't want to do VPN but that is because of the expense of purchasing VPN license per user that VPN appliances require..
This may actually work for what I am looking to do because it server based and will require a double layer of security.

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