Visual database schema/structure?

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       Is there some way i could get a visual schema/structure for a  mysql database?

  I need this to be able to show people how my database is currently  structured and find out if it's the right structure .

 I think a visual blueprint would be more helpful as that would help someone to quicky understand the structure and advice.

I was thinking of exporting the structure using phpmyadmin on a cpanel.

Can something like this be achieved or is there any other (better) alternative?
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Try with "DBDesigner 4 -"

ref. Tool


I'm looking for something that would visualize an existing schema... can't find out if this will do this?
yes, it will connect db and display the visual .. there is option


Thanks for trying.. i found another solution since DbDesigner works with old password style that's only compatible with MYSql ver. #.x
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Please post the other solution you found so that we can learn from your research, thanks. ~Ray

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