right click not working in IE on modal dialog page

chaitu chaitu
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window.showModalDialog(url, "", center:yes; dialogWidth:503px; location:no;dialogHeight:500px; edge:raised; help:no; resizable:no; scroll:no; status:no; statusbar:no; toolbar:no; menubar:no; addressbar:no;");

I opened the modaldialg using above code but when i tried to copy or right click on the page i couldn't do it in IE8.Is there any way for right clicking on the modal dialog page to see the view source?
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use window.open method...

window.showModalDialog will only work in IE


we have tested from our end and window.showModalDialog  is working in all browsers.

my question is am not able to right click in modaldialog page except in IE.in remaining browsers am able to right click on it.
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Simply you cannot get right click menu on the Model Window which appears as a result of window.showModalDialog in IE

Check this out:



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