Load balancer not working properly.

hi guys,

Our web hosting company is supposed to have configured a load balancing TS farm for us. Well when we log onto the load balancer, it always directs us on to the same TS server regardless of how many people are logged on instead of redirecting us on to the less busy server.

Here are the IP addresses of the machines in that domain and farm on that LAN::

First DC:
Second DC:

Load balancer IP: (this is the IP we use to put in our RD tool to connect and it redirects us to the servers below).

Terminal server1:
Terminal server2:

On which one of these should the TS session broker be installed? Should any be installed at all?

Many thanks for your help,
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wantabe2Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Sure. I don't see any reason you can't. Here is a nice little article to help ease your mind & hopefully help you through this.

Install the TS Session Broker role service on the server that you want to use to track user sessions for a farm.

YashyAuthor Commented:
Can i put that service on the domain controllers? Apparently they're also the servers with the CALs on them for remote desktop services.
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YashyAuthor Commented:
wantabe2, you are a legend sir. Thanks man for your help.
YashyAuthor Commented:
Wantabe2, one more thing. We had 20 remote desktop licenses installed on the domain controller. Does the TS session broker also take care of the licensing, in order for the terminal servers to permit more than default two users to log in at the same time on those servers?
Never ran into that before but it should.
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