I have a server Netra 240 with a faulted mother board. The mother board has been replaced and now cant acces the ALOM. Can someone please help me to bypass the ALOM password or reset it to the default setting.My projet has been frozen because of the ALOM password issue. Very urgent.

Williams225System AdministatorAsked:
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Williams225System AdministatorAuthor Commented:
No not at all, am unable to boot the systeme. Any help from here?
arnoldConnect With a Mentor Commented:
What is it you want to do?
Are you trying to recover what is on the system or are you planning on wiping and reinstalling the system anew?

Is there an reason why the system will not boot?
Are you able to boot the system using the OS install DVD and drop into the shell?

What steps have you taken so far to get the system to boot?
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Williams225System AdministatorAuthor Commented:
my probleme is when i pwer on the server i dont get the OBP prompt ok>
I only get the please login:  the password is not working.

As i said the mother board has been changed and all this probleme started. How do i get to the obp to start the server. how do i bypass the password.
arnoldConnect With a Mentor Commented:

How are you connecting to the computer? via serial? Mouse/keyboard monitor?
Try admin for username and

Check with Sun/Oracle if the above does not work.
Can you try booting the system using the OS DVD?
Williams225System AdministatorAuthor Commented:
we found another solution
It could be useful for others who might run into the same situation on what your solution was.
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