network strature

Dear ,

  i designed this network , please tell me  any  recommend about that !! .

another Question Have i make router act like ASA firewall (failover ) how I make this thing in router did I use VRRP or HSRP and layer three dynamic router what i used  OSPF or another protocol  for  redundancy  between two router,

Note :-

I connect with Service provider BY BGP

Please give me Idea about if router 1 down immediately router 2 work  and if router 1 be up router2 act like backup
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SanjeevlokeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Consider below scenarios

1) Router1 always as primary and link conected to ISP as primary.
2) Link to ISP fails traffic should be routed to ISP2.
3) Router1 fails completely.

Solution )
Run HSRP between Router1 & Router2.
In HSRP use track option to track ISP ip or link if serial link..If ethernet is ISP link then use track option
along with IP SLA.
On Router 1 use higher AD default route to Router2.
I assumed ur getting default route from ISP .

Craig BeckCommented:
memo12345678Author Commented:
yes thx alot
memo12345678Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
what u mean SLA can u clarify mcu more

i make config router 1 and router 2 both interface that go to Firewall and ISP HSRP , so in which router I make config SLA  and what u mean by this (On Router 1 use higher AD default route to Router2.)
please give me example
memo12345678Author Commented:
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