A free HTML, PHP and ASP WYSIWYG Editor

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I need a free WYSIWYG Editor capable of work with HTML, XML, PHP and ASP.net (optional), any recommendations?
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how about microsoft's express series? see www.microsoft.com/express

Or take a look here perhaps (although a little dated there are some useful editors there):

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To natively edit php from within VS: http://www.jcxsoftware.com/
Hello dimensionav,

Following are some best editors that you can work with.



Hope this will help.

Thank You.

CKEditor - www.ckeditor.com
openwysiwyg - www.openwebware.com
TinyMCE - www.tinymce.com
elRTE - www.elrte.org
NVU - www.nvu.com
EditOnPro  - www.realobjects.com
xstandard - www.xstandard.com
FCKEditor - www.fckeditor.net
CuteEditor - www.cutesoft.net
WYMeditor - www.wymeditor.org

there is alot more that you can find here:


You can use Aptana Studio [A Free IDE] with options to use any scripting Language , Just ad extentions to it and bang!. It do support auto suggest features

Another option is , if you do not want much installation is:

notepad++ [Best editor, also has custom extensions for all languages support]


I ´m still trying some of the others editors but WYSIWYG is not what we are looking for...

I´ll try Aptana today but I wonder if Notepad++ has WYSIWYG view
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Help us understand here, please.  In the original question you wrote, "I need a free WYSIWYG Editor..." and at ID:36484773 you wrote, "but WYSIWYG is not what we are looking for..."  

What do you really want?  If you can make that clear, maybe we can help.  Thanks, ~Ray


Thanks Ray!

Let me explain a little bit more, We use Visual Studio for asp projects and dreamweaver for PHP ones,  but considering that dreamweaver has a very powerful WYSIWYG editor we make all the design changes in that software (HTML, CSS, etc.).

We want to stop using dreamweaver and that´s why we are searching a free WYSIWYG editor with similar capabilities.

As far as I see some of those free editor doesn´t interpret CSS and asp/php code and that´s why the WYSIWYG is not as real as dreamweaver.

I wonder if what we need is too much for a free editor and we actually have to buy the upgrade of dreamweaver.

well then the choice is "Aptana", it has all features, and mostly its free!

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