ghost or clone image for RAID 5

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can i made aghost image for RAID 5 server
3 hdd are there in dell r710
with os windows 2003 server
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Yes you certainly can!
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You can as SmeperWiFi pointed out.  To get a complete answer you should add information on what it is you are trying to do?  Are you looking to altering the RAID 5 to RAID 10 and would like to avoid having to reinstall everything?
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What the OS see's are essentially virtual devices, even on a single disk. The partition is a virtual disk even if it fills the entire volume, so if you have a volume that has 3 partitions on it say C:, D:, E:.

When it comes to RAID there is just another level of virtualisation (at least one level)


so how could i do this? any steps for that or special commands
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What are you trying to do?
Are you swapping drives?
Are you planing on modifying your setup?

Ghosting will only deal with the OS it will not preserve the configuration of the Perc 5.
The setup on the server is:
1: configure the perc controller for raid 5
2: install the OS images.

step 2 is what ghosting/cloning will cover.

You would still need to handle step 1 manually by entering the RAID controller and configuring it using ctrl-M.


thanks; i ask about the ghost not the OS installation!
i have the OS installed and i need to do 2 things:
- backup this as a ghost image
- clone this server to another one with the same model

so for using ghost should i:
-install the symantec ghost software on the server
- OR use a bootable ghost CD and save the image on an external HDD

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ghost will image the installed OS, it will not replicate the RAID configuration since ghost does not see it.

Ghost/Clonezilla could be used. But as I said, prior to restoring the image, You must configure the RAID controller/drives.
As i was trying to explain before, its my understanding that Ghost works on logical disks not physical ones, so when it sees a D: drive it is really seeing a partition on a disk, now that partition could encompass a single disk spindle, or one of several partitions on a single disk spindle. Thats the traditional setup, now when hardware RAID is involved  extra layers of virtualisation are involved. It doesnt matter what the RAID level is or how many spindles are in the RAIDset (typically 3-12 but can be much higher), as far as the OS knows it just seeing a single SCSI disk of unusual size (aka a LUN). It can even get more complicated than that as some (most) RAID controllers are capable of presenting several LUNs from a single RAIDset, similar to multiple partitions on a single disk spindle.

Ghost isnt (shouldn't be) interested in what is behind the top level OS partition, all these layers are or should be invisible.

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