VPN questions with 1 sbs 2003 and 1 standard 2003

I am looking for some advice and or help

I have setup a new SBS 2003 Server and added a Windows 2003 Standard Server tot he domain to act as a terminal server and remote access server.

Because of SBS 2 Remote Desktop/Terminal User limitation, I want to use the Server 2003 Standard as the terminal server.

I have setup the SBS 2003 with 2 NIC's. 1 is connected to the router and 1 is for the internal network.

I setup the Standard 2003 Server as a Terminal Server, but when I went to setup a VPN role for it, I got errors.

Do I want the SBS 2003 to control the vpn? Will remote users be able to connect through that vpn to the Terminal Server if they are on 2 different servers?
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Andrew CliffSenior Technical ConsultantCommented:
Basically, you VPN to the external IP of your router/ firewall.
Forward VPN traffic to the SBS NIC connected to the router.
Are the 2 NIC's in the SBS box on the same subnet?
MJCSAuthor Commented:
I had figured it out myself by the time I got the answer. This answer could be a bit more detailed but it definitely points people int eh right direction
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