Find a network printer in the directory

I have a similar situation to this:

entire-directory-option is just completely missing?

I have DNS and DHCP working fine.  I can ping everything.

Thanks for all the help!
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Tim PalmerConnect With a Mentor Level 3 Support TechnicianCommented:
What if your client PC left the domain and rejoined, re-establishing it's security trust?

Can you see other network resources without problems?
Did you say this was XP?
and are we talking here about 1 machine or all?
scressanConnect With a Mentor Commented:

is SNMP services installed on your print server?

If not, server doesn't show printers.

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majc79Author Commented:

Its a mixture of XP and Windows 7.  There are about 10 machines I believe I've gotten 2 to work on XP and 2 to work on Windows 7, and did nothing with the others yet.
majc79Author Commented:

I don't believe SNMP services are running on the print server.  I will go ahead and take a look at this...thx.
Tim PalmerLevel 3 Support TechnicianCommented:
The other thing I thought of is to check netbios is enabled under advanced tcpip properties, if you need help I'll give you steps when I'm near a pc
I would recommand you to check rsop.msc on 1 XP that is working, and find the setting that is not the same.
i would start with Computer config\Administratitve Templates\Network\network connections\windows firewall\Domain Profile

Let me know if this helped
majc79Author Commented:
Job well done
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