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I have a HP desktop.
I also have a dell laptop.

Now i use a Belikin KVM switch to connect laptop and use the desktop monitor, keyboard and mouse for working on both. The KVM interface connects the back  of laptop (not usb).

I got a new LCD monitor.
My goal is to use two monitors. Keep desktop minitor for desktop and use the new monitor for laptop.

Can i do that without using a KVM switch or i still need that to share keyboard/mouse.

A wireless mouse for laptop is not a problem but i would like to share the keyboard if possible since i do not have much space.

If i am correct i can connect new monitor to laptop directly but a switch is somehow ineeded for monitor and mouse.

What would be the best solution?
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Sounds like from what you are describing you would still want to use a KVM in your situation. That would be the best way to share the one keyboard and mouse. Although you would have separate displays, if you still need same keyboard and mouse than KVM would be your best choice.


but i think the KVM connector connects to where the new monitor cable would connecto to laptop.

so if the only way is to use a KVM to share a keyboard how would the connection cables work?
what are the connection types? P/S2 ? Most KVMs are 1 mon, KB and Mouse 'in" to 2 'out' If so, you could possibly get it to work by connecting just the main keyboard and mouse to the "main out" of the KVM and then only connect the keyboard and mouse "con1 and con2" to the respective machines. That may work for just KB and mouse. You would then use the keyboard shortcut scroll lock twice or whichever method your device uses to switch between the two for KB and Mouse... I hope this makes sense...
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There are a few considerations.....

1. what kind of monitor cable will you use?

Before you buy a KVM, you need to decide on one type of monitor cable. The most common is VGA, which is the smaller blue on with all the pins. The other one is the DVI, which is bigger, with the flat type pins.

Most KVMs will only accept one. If you are plugging into a laptop, them most likely it will be the first VGA type port (which should be on your laptop.)

2. USB or PS2, I would expect USB, as most laptops dont have any of the old round PS2 ports on them anymore.

Once you have worked this out, it should be straight forward to buy a 2 way KVM. Something as simple as this should do the trick:

You plug your keyboard and monitor into this KVM, then plug the KVM cables into your laptop/PC...

From here you can share the keyboard/mouse/monitor.

One thing to note, wireless USB keyboads/mouse can often cause issues for KVMs. Of the ones we have here, only one of them will use a wireless mouse, and even then it was fiddly to setup, I would go with wired.

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If you only want to share the mouse and keyboard between the 2 systems, and not the display, then I'd suggest getting a blue-tooth keyboard/mouse combination. As many Laptops have blue-tooth integrated, you could use the blue-tooth dongle that came with the keyboard/mouse with your desktop and use the laptop's internal blue-tooth device to connect to the mouse/keyboard.

You would then just have to pair the devices again every time you want to change from the laptop to the desktop and vice-versa.


I think mine at work looks like this switch&cp=1&lp=1

How would the connections work between 2nd monitor and laptopn and KVM?

WOuld the blue tooth solution be cheap too or as expensive as KVM? Do all desktops and laptops support bluetooth and how do i switch the keyboard from desktop to laptop.
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Not all laptops support bluetooth, but most modern ones that already have wireless LAN also have a bluetooth adapter. You could check the logitech site for prices of Bluetooth keyboard/Mouse sets. You have to pair the devices so they talk to each other.

ahhhh so you want 2 monitors on the desk....... + the laptop + the desktop computers?

I dont know if you have thought about this, but if they are on the same network...

You could RDP from your desktop to your laptop and have that run on one of the screens....

then u would have no need for any of this...

This is how I do things at work...


they are not on same network. Also i think with RDP you are using one monitor.
I would like to see both screens at same time.

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