Block Level Engine Service kills network dead

SBS 2011, patched up to date. All goes well, small network of 7 PCs. At exactly the same time each day the network grinds to a halt and the System Log shows, one after the other:

The Block Level Backup Engine Service service entered the running state.
The Volume Shadow Copy service entered the running state.
The Microsoft Software Shadow Copy Provider service entered the running state.
The WinHTTP Web Proxy Auto-Discovery Service service entered the running state.
The Group Policy settings for the computer were processed successfully. There were no changes detected since the last successful processing of Group Policy.
The Volume Shadow Copy service entered the stopped state.

This all takes 5 minutes & 35 seconds, after which the network returns to normal speed.

Volume Shadow Copy is scheduled to happen at 07:00 & 12:00. The above happens lately at 14:00, but has been happening at 16:00. Noidea where this is being scheduled from.

Can anyone suggest a course of action?
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snooflehammerConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Turns out it was Trend Micro WFBS needed a patch
Larry Struckmeyer MVPCommented:
Are there any corresponding events in the Event logs.. maybe some that are informational or errors?
snooflehammerAuthor Commented:
I don't understand why you'd ask that. I've listed the 6 events that occur while this is going on.
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snooflehammerAuthor Commented:
Found solution myself
i am having the same issue

i am  running TM WFBS 7.0 and patch 1

Snoofle which patch did you do??
snooflehammerAuthor Commented:
That server is now running WFBS Advanced 7.0 SP1 build 2380 + Critical Patch 2402. There is a later patch on the Trend website
Don' have Trend. Anything else? Have Kaspersky exchange security.
snooflehammerAuthor Commented:
Why are you asking a question about Kaspersky on a year-old closed thread that was to do with Trend Micro?
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