Two SBS 2008 network cannot connect to wifi

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Last two calls I received today were from clients who cannot connect their phones or laptops to the Internet or emails using their wifi.

They are using different router setups. One is using a BT 2Wire router with firewall and wifi and this connects to a series of small switches. The other is using a D-Link ethernet modem that connects to a Netgear FVS318 firewall and this connects to a switch and a Linksys access point.

Both are with different ISPs and both can connect to other available unsecured networks.

The only common point is both are SBS 2008 networks.

Has there been a recent 2008 update that could have upset things? Or am I missing something really obvious?

Thanks for any ideas.
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can they connect to the wifi and have no internet or they cant connect to thei local wifi at all?

If they cannot connect to wifi, this has nothing to do with your sbs servers, it's a wifi setup problem, either on their mobile/laptop, or on the wifi access point (or router).

The only problem sbs server could cause is if they are managing DHCP and you have some issue with it. If not with wired equipement, then i wont target the servers.


In both cases they can see the wifi and the connection speed is excellent, but they cannot connect.
Bearing in mind that this affects laptops as well as phones, on the laptops in question, can you drop to a command prompt, and type IP Config /All (then press return).

Are you getting an IP Address in the correct range?  Are you getting DNS Server information correctly?  Does IPConfig /release then IPConfig /Renew cure it?

At the same command prompt, type NSLOOKUP (CR)
At the NSLookup Prompt, type and press enter

Are you able to lookup web addresses to IP addresses correctly?

Is a proxy server required?  Is a proxy server set but not required?

Lets get the laptops talking correctly, and see if it helps the phones.
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I've found that if I set the router and access point to become a DHCP server it resolves the problem.

I'm just a bit concerned about having an additional DCHP server as well as the SBS server, however, all PCs and printers on the network have fixed IPs,
Then I'd check the scope options on your SBS server.  SBS is intended to be integrated, i.e. all happening from the server, and giving out DHCP addresses from the router is a bad idea (even though it works for now).

Your DHCP server on your SBS will see the Router DHCP and turn itself off.

You need to resolve the DHCP Server issues/options on ther SBS Server, and then turn off DHCP on your routers.


On one server the DCHP server had stopped, whether it had stopped before the router was DHCP enabled I don't know, however, restarting it resolved the issue.

The other server still had the DCHP service running, however stopping and restarting it resolved the problem.

The only problem sbs server could cause is if they are managing DHCP and you have some issue with it.    
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