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Posted on 2011-09-05
Last Modified: 2013-11-17
ok,  I have found on multiples AIXs 6.1 and 7.1 configured with different editions..

    AIX Standard Edition:
    AIX Enterprise Edition:
    AIX Express Edition:

A question comes to my mind.. which should I use to my AIXs on BLADECENTERs?
Not sure if express or enterprise..?
Also, does the "enterprise" consumes more hardware?

Question by:sminfo
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now this one.

Enterprise contains Standard plus:

- Live Partition Mobility (maybe this is in the Standard Edition since AIX 7, I'm not really sure)
- Workload Partitions Manager
- IBM Systems Director Enterprise Edition
- Some more Tivoli stuff

Express is like Standard, but is limited to 4 cores and 32 GB per partition nad doesn't contain "Cluster Aeare AIX".

The medium is always the same, and if you don't install any of the additional features of the Enterprise Edition you will also not consume more hardware resources.

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Seems I need a new!

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Wmp, it's strange.. I have migrate with LPM this LPAR and it has express:

[root@mid2:/] chedition -l

If I changed the edition to enterprise, does it make any change on the server? Or should I change this parameter at night?
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in order to adhere to legal terms I have to say that you must have purchased a license for the edition you're going to change to!

That said - afaik chedition alone only updates a signature file in /usr/lpp/bos, so it shouldn't matter at all at which time you're running this command.

If you have one or several of the bundles specific to an edition (like e.g. WPM)  in /usr/sys/ and point to an lppsource directory (-d flag) containing the packages making up the bundle - well, in this case these bundles will be installed, which may or may not require a reboot.

As for LPM - seems that this feature is now indeed part of Express and Standard. Under AIX 6 it's only been available with the Enterprise Edition, if I remember well.


Author Comment

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So, you mean thet it's not important to change all my LPARs to "enterprise"?

To tell the truth, I dont understand well wmp...

this is what I have on  /usr/sys/

[isga01s@mid:/home/isga01s] ls /usr/sys/
AllDevicesKernels.bnd   Kerberos_5.bnd          infocenter.CS_CZ.bnd    infocenter.ZH_CN.bnd
Alt_Disk_Install.bnd    Media-Defined.bnd       infocenter.DE_DE.bnd    infocenter.ZH_TW.bnd
App-Dev.bnd             PerfTools.bnd           infocenter.EN_US.bnd    openssh_client.bnd
App-Dev.def             SbD.BOS.autoi           infocenter.ES_ES.bnd    openssh_server.bnd
BOS.autoi               SbD.Graphics.bnd        infocenter.FR_FR.bnd    vac-aix53.bnd
CC_EVAL.BOS.autoi       Server.bnd              infocenter.HU_HU.bnd    vac-aix61.bnd
CC_EVAL.Graphics.bnd    SystemMgmtClient.bnd    infocenter.IT_IT.bnd    vacpp-aix53.bnd
CDE.bnd                 Trusted_AIX.bnd         infocenter.JA_JP.bnd    vacpp-aix61.bnd
DirectorAgent.bnd       Trusted_AIX_SYSMGT.bnd  infocenter.KO_KR.bnd    wsm_remote.bnd
Firefox.bnd             as_is.txt               infocenter.PL_PL.bnd    wsm_remote.post_i
GNOME.bnd               cas_client.bnd          infocenter.PT_BR.bnd
Graphics.bnd            cas_server.bnd          infocenter.RU_RU.bnd
KDE.bnd                 infocenter.CA_ES.bnd    infocenter.SK_SK.bnd
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As far as I can tell there has never been a restriction on which editions of AIX 6.1 and 7.1 are supported for Live Partition Mobility (LPM) - the main requirement is for PowerVM Enterprise (PVE).

For other readers, remember that LPM is different to Workload Partition Mobility (WPM).
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Accepted Solution

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in /usr/lpp/bos you'll find a signature file designating the edition of your system, e.g. for 7.1:

AIXSTD0701.SYS2 = Standard
AIXENT0701.SYS2 = Enterprise
AIXEXP0701.SYS2 = Express

These files preexist in the "editions" subdirectory of /usr/lpp/bos with an extension of .SAV2 instead of .SYS2

chedition just copies and renames the repective signature file. This is only allowed if
- /usr/swlag/[language]/ indicates that this is a warranted version of AIX
- /usr/lpp/bosinst/bos.vendor.profile contains "VENDOR=IBM" or "VENDOR_ENTERPRISE=..."

Next, if you specified the "-d" flag, /usr/sys/ is serached for packages starting with


If such bundles exist they're installed/uninstalled according to the change of edition performed.

Looking at the output you posted there are no such bundles, so nothing will be installed/uninstalled even if you specify the "-d" flag.

So copying/renaming the signature will be the only thing that chedition does.

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ID: 36489144
sjm_ee is right,

LPM is part of the PowerVM Enterprise Edition which has nothing to do with AIX editions.

Sorry for confounding.

The remaining information in my first comment stays valid, however!

Author Comment

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I'll be back this afternoon..:-)

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ok, understand now about LMP.......     thanks sjm_ee

I have looked for /usr/sys/ on all AIX 6.1 and 7.1 servers and they brings the same...
so,  in my case  I should change to enterprise? Even the chedition only change the file in /usr/lpp/bos.. Am I right WMP?


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Assisted Solution

woolmilkporc earned 500 total points
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you'll need Enterprise (resp. Standard) only if you're going to define one or more LPARs with more than 4 cores/32 GB or if you're going to use one or more of the features I mentioned in my first post.

If this isn't the case you're well with Express. Remember that you need the appropriate license to run Standard or Enterprise.

On the other hand, if you have such licenses switching editions will certainly do no harm ...


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