CAL licenses disappeared

Hi all.
We have Microsoft sbs 2003 server with standard 5 CAL licenses.

We bought 10 extra licenses to have a totally of 15.

But now the 10 extra licenses are disappeared.
We cant find the license paper we used to activate it for 4 years ago.
its NOT Volume licenses.

Is there any way to get the licenses back on the server?
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davealfordConnect With a Mentor It SupportCommented:
there's a backup copy of your licenses in Windows folders. Have a go at importing c:\windows\system32\  or via the Restore License in SBS server management. The is created when you add or remove a license so, may be missing a license. The should be the licenses.
did you try to restart the "License Logging Service" service?
MontesdatasystemerAuthor Commented:
Yes that have it tried without i helps.
davealfordIt SupportCommented:
If neither contain the missing CALS, look for an old backup ....
MontesdatasystemerAuthor Commented:
Good and easy solution. Thanks
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