Modem/router connection method

I have a modem connected directly to my computer. I have purchased a belkin Modem/router n300 (two products combined into one) It gives me a number of choices ie modem only, PPPoe, PPPoa

which do i now select?

It was purchased so I could have wifi and seemed sensible to get a router with modem built in.


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PapertripConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Honestly I'm not sure if the built-in modem is going to work, your ISP may not play well with a device that is not theirs on the other end.

I know you paid extra to get the combo pack, but was there a reason to replace your existing modem?  This would probably be a non-issue if you just used the old modem and setup the new one as just a router.
Odds are your ISP is using PPPoE for your DSL, but you will have to confirm that with them.

In the meantime try selecting PPPoE, it will probably next prompt you for username/password then you might be good to go after that.
PeterBaileyUkAuthor Commented:
yeah tried that setting but it still showed no internet connection within the router itself. So am i right in saying that the fact that the modem is built in doesnt matter? the ppoe settings are just input in a different place as opposed to in a modem directly.
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