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Getting Error : PHP has encountered an Access Violation at 020AAE39
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Gaurav SinghSolution ArchitectAsked:
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Sanjay SantokiConnect With a Mentor Commented:

There are several reasons of this error;

1.      Memory limit
2.      DLL files version required by the PHP is not identical. There are few dlls that load from system32.
3.      DLL path should be added in Environment variable of the machine.
4.      There are chances where two different version of PHP running from single machine that chocking things up.

Hope this help. Btw: how are dude?
Sanjay SantokiCommented:
Addition to previous update you can try upgrading the PHP version as well.
Gaurav SinghSolution ArchitectAuthor Commented:
Thanks for information
Gaurav SinghSolution ArchitectAuthor Commented:
By the ways , Thanks I already did this and got fixed the issue.
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