Excel 2003 to Excel 2010 migration problem

We are migrating from Office 2003 to Office 2010 and we have one user with workbook that couses problems.

The workbook is made of 31 sheets each with ~ 40X30 cells, no macros. The issue is that this workbook when open in Excel 2010 couses computer slowdown and eats more than 500 megs of RAM, when open in Excel 2003 it works smoothly (less than 50 MB RAM).

Unfortunetly I can't share this file (it contains confidential data).

What may couse this behevior ? Has anyone experienced similar problem ?

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andrewssd3Connect With a Mentor Commented:
If charts are not the issue, check whether there are any other drawing objects on the sheets.  I have recently seen some cases where 2000 or more invisible textboxes were on one sheet, causing a lot of problems (they had been replicated by careless use of Copy in a user macro). In Excel 2010, turn on the Selection Pane (Home tab, Editing, Find & Select), and this will show you all drawing objects on the sheets.
we need to see if some formulas are causing this or some add-ins activated in 2003 and not in 2010. Check to see if you have any disabled items this may slow probalby. Goto Help/About and there should be a button with disabled items and check if somethignthere. Try to enable it and see if this helps.

An other issue is to check if all the updates for 2010 are installed. goto windows update and check for updates and if any installs them

Another thing to look for is issues with chart performance.  I have seen serious slowing down with some large x-y scatter plots.

It's also worth considering that Excel 2010 has to recalculate older .xls files on opening, so it's possible that your spreadsheet recalculates slowly, but you would not notice this opening it in native mode in 2003, while you do when opening in compatibility mode.  You could test this by saving it as a new format .xlsx (or .xlsm, but you say there are no macros) file, then seeing if the slowness persisted on open.
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moskwiczAuthor Commented:
The Office 2010 is up to date, I checked add-ins everything that was in Excel 2k3 is also in Excel 2010. The Excel in not only slow when opening this file, it is also slow when switching betweens sheets, sometimes it's even not responding.

Also when printing the fonts are unreadable, so maybe there is a issue with fonts or formating... really strange case.
moskwiczAuthor Commented:
OK It shows that on each sheet there are almost 3000 pictures ! Good tip andrew, how to remove these pictures ?
One more issue you need to look at when you open a file 2010 is a file 2003 already open ? In other workds if a file 2003 is opened and you start a 2010 file it will convert it to 2003 and takes lots of time.

If it is not the case then I suggest the following:
1) Make sure all instances of Excel are closed better reboot your pc
2) Once the PC startsup again open blank 2010 Excel
3) goto File/Open and locate the 2003 version of your file the original one that is .xls and open it in 2010
4) if there is macro in it save it as .xlsm if not .xlsx with the same name close the file
5) doubleclick on the .xlsx version of the file and seehow it is

moskwiczAuthor Commented:
Thank you guys for help, I wrote a macro to remove all cloned pictures. The issue was that the company logo was cloned 57395 times but with height of 0.

andrewssd3 last comment was the most helpfull
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