'SQL server' driver over internet ODBC not working.

I have a remote server with a SQL Server 2008 database on it.

I have two desktop machines.

One machine connects to the SQL Server database over the internet using the 'SQL Server' driver. The other machine refuses to connect using the same driver but will connect using the 'SQL Server native Client' driver. However there seems to be an error produced when using the 'Native Client' driver whn accessing stored procedures.

I have checked the driver version on both machines = All good - Exactly the same.

Checked that firewall is switched off on both machines.

I am using identical connection strings.

Any ideas?
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splantonConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
The problem was with the ADO driver. Even though it was set to detect the SQL Server port (1433) it requires a definitive port to be specidied to actually work!
Norman MainaCommented:
you can give us the errors from both types of connections -when trying to open using the sql server driver and the error when accessing stored procedures when using native client.

My feeling is authentication error for the sql driver connection and an authorization error for the native client access to sps
splantonAuthor Commented:
The error when connecting using the SQL Server' driver is this:-

SQL State: '01000'
SQL Server Error: 53
[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server driver][DBNETLIB]ConnectionOpen
Connection Failed:
SQL Server Error: 17
[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server driver][DBNETLIB]SQl Server Does not Exist or Access denied.

Just tried it on another machine and it doesn't work from that either. So now I have two machines that can't use the 'SQL Server' driver over the internet and one that does.

I can also now confirm that I can connect on one of the 'bad' machines to the SQL Server instance over the internet using the SQL MS with no problems at all, but still no ODBC!. ARRRRGH!
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splantonAuthor Commented:
I can't give you the 'Native' driver error atm. Not in a position to test it.
Norman MainaCommented:
Ok,try these:
1.check your connection string(if its integrated authentication,made sure the user logged in has permissions on sql server)
2.Restart all the sql server services including sql browser
3.Check no other firewalls are interfering with the connection -like anti virus firewalls.

Here is Microsoft's description of the error:
splantonAuthor Commented:

Connection string = check.
Server rebooted = check.

The daft thing is that I have two desktops sat here - one connects just fine the other doesn't. Which would lead me to think that it isn't a server side issue.

I wouldn't mind but these are two relativly fresh installs of windows 7. Something is different but I have no idea how to ascertain where the issue with the connectivity is. Are there any tests I can do to help me track down the culprit?
Norman MainaCommented:
No firewalls -anti virus on the clients?

The fresh install of windows 7,you need to make sure that the client tools are correctly installed.
splantonAuthor Commented:
OK, can you be more specific about client tool please?
Norman MainaCommented:
the Client connectivity components


The other thing you need to look at is creating  a DSN for the connection
splantonAuthor Commented:
Tiral and error and blatent pot luck led me to use a ,1433 at the end of the connection string and behold, it now connects. Sorry for any wasted time every article I read never mentioned this syntax or the need for a port when using the default 1433 for SQL Server.
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