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Removing duplicates from a ColdFusion list

My variable qaEmails is list (with a ; delimiter) that may contain duplicates. It may look like this:

groulx@ttl.org; tfarris@ttl.org; mwelch@ttl.org; tfarris@ttl.org; mdm@ttl.org; bnelson@ttl.org; awetterberg@ttl.org; bnelson@ttl.org

I want to strip the duplicates out of the list. How would I do this?

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Bhavesh ShahLead AnalysistCommented:

This cane be done by this way.(You must be knowing)
But I'm assuming you having lots of data, for that there is another method too, in case if you using SQL Server 2005

Let us know if you need anything more...

- Bhavesh
<cfset mail = "groulx@ttl.org; tfarris@ttl.org; mwelch@ttl.org; tfarris@ttl.org; mdm@ttl.org; bnelson@ttl.org; awetterberg@ttl.org; bnelson@ttl.org">

<cfset new_mail = "">

<cfloop list="#mail#" index="m" delimiters=";">
<cfif listfind(new_mail, m, ";") eq 0>
	<cfset new_mail = ListAppend(new_mail,m,";")>

mail - #mail#<br />
new mail - #new_mail#


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traportAuthor Commented:
Worked beautifully - thank you!

Just in case two mails have different case settings, you may want to use listFindNoCase()  

 That would make   jSmith@gmail.com the same as jsmith@gmail.com

<cfif listfindNoCase(new_mail, m, ";") eq 0>
Bhavesh ShahLead AnalysistCommented:

Thank you sir for your information. =)

- Bhavesh
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