Is there any xml edit like method to modify and save css files on the fly?

I would like to have a provision so that my users can modify and save the .css file.

I was wondering what is the best way to do it?
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goodkAuthor Commented:
Hi disrupt:

I already know all that you wrote above.

What I was really asking if there was a way to manipulate css file in a formatted way? Like in XML, one can read the name and the value and change it and write the stream back.

Seems like a common issue.  I wonder if a tool already exist to accomplish that?

thanks for your time.

AlexanderREnterprise Web DeveloperCommented:

Look down at use cases. Is that close?
goodkAuthor Commented:
correct, I am looking for css parser  but I am using - help!
goodkAuthor Commented:
thanks for trying
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