One XP PC cannot connect to Server W2K3, cannot ping, & server cannot connect to that PC

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We have one PC that cannot connect to a W2K3 server for some reason.  It cannot browse to it, it cannot ping it, it cannot open up the user's mailbox (it is an Exchange server), and the server cannot connect to the PC (can't ping, browse, etc).  The PC isn't having any other connection issues with any other server, and the server is working fine for everyone else.  I had an issue awhile ago where the number of connections had maxed out from one machine and a registry modification had to be made (deleting the entry or something), but I cannot find the resolution at all now, any ideas?  Thought if it was a TCP/IP stack corruption or DNS issue, it would affect every connection on this workstation, but it's just the connection to the mail server...thanks for any help with this issue!
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When you ping, is the resolved address correct?  (Or does the address come back wrong?)

The XP machine doesn't have an incorrect subnet mask does it?  (One that would make the PC believe the Exchange machine is on the same subnet, when it really needs to go through the router/default gateway to reach the server?)
Neil RussellTechnical Development Lead
It sounds Network config type problem. Is the PC using DHCP for addressing? Is there anything the the HOSTS file corrupting things? Can the workstation ping correctly another workstation that CAN connect to exchange?
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As we are unable to PING to and from SERVER, I guess the DNS might be an issue.
Try flush the DNS on the server and the client. (ipconfig /flushdns) in command prompt.
Try reset the TCP/IP stack on both machines. (netsh int ip reset resetlog.txt)
Try reset the Winsock on both machines. (netsh winsock reset)
Also try to add the IP and FQDN of the server to the HOSTS file (c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc) on the client (** Only if the server has Static IP)
Reeboot the computer.
Do you have any thirdparty Firewall/Antivirus installed on the client and the server ? If yes, you may need to disable them for few minutes and see if the two start talk to eachother.


We've found that it had an address of, and while it knew what the IP address of the email server was, it came back four times "Host unreacheable".  Checked the host file, the correct address was in there with the server name.  Renewed the IP address, flushed DNS, ran a winsock repair, restarted multiple times, nothing changed.  The IP address stayed the same, but when we changed the IP address to another number and restarted, it connected fine.  The only thing I can think is: would a Name of "BAD_ADDRESS" in the DHCP table contribute to some kind of mis-routing of the traffic?  I can't show that the PC had a same numerical address of the "BAD_ADDRESS" but I'm wondering if that could have been it.  It showed that all the values in the PC's address was correct (running IPCONFIG /ALL showed the correct numbers), but something must have been off...  Thanks for the quick responses
Neil RussellTechnical Development Lead

So you are using STATIC IP addressing and Not DHCP then

Can you post what your netmask is/was as well?

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