Virtually hosted domains are resolving intermittently via domain name addressing

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Problem:  Using domain name addressing (e.g., my virtually hosted domains are resolving correctly some days and then not resolving at other times.  When they don't resolve, I can always access them via direct ip addressing (e.g.  So it's not that the web server is down at the time.  

All of the virtually hosted domains use the same nameservers, which are, the namerservers of the parent reseller account I own (e.g. the nameservers for are set to and; for they are also set to and ns2.myparent, etc.)

I never have problems accessing via domain name addressing.  But all of my subdomains play peek-a-boo if addressed as

Background:  I run all of my sites on a VPS hosted by Hostican.  I have a reseller account there ( underwhich I host several subdomains.  Hostican made some server upgrades a while back, moved my domains to another server, changing the IP address of the parent reseller account in the process.  Since then, I've had the problem described above.  Before Hostican's server upgrade, the approach I had used to set nameservers at my various subdomain registrars had worked correctly.

My sites are setup as follows.  My main account on the VPS is (this is the reseller account).  I then have several virtually hosted domains under arcalinea's IP address (this is how I was setup previously with no problems).

After Hostican changed arcalinea's IP address, I updated the nameservers at arcalinea's registrar (which is and registered the new IP addresses at this registrar.  So at, is defined as having nameservers and and those are registered to and respectively.

At this stage of the process, everything works as planned. resolves correctly in a browser.  Also,running a trace (say at returns a valid DNS records and a complete trace for

The main problem is with all of the domains hosted virtually under account at hostican (those are the domains i refer to above as, ,etc.).  For example:, and are some of the domains hosted under arcalinea.

Everyone of those virtually hosted domains has its nameservers set the same way:  they each are set to and

Even at times where those virtually hosted domains are resolving correctly in my browser, if I run a check on that domain at (using say the Express option), I get several errors such as:

'IP address:  Error, try again'
'TraceRoute' is empty.
'Attempt to get a DNS server for failed.  The query returned a server failure'

But, the Whois query for in the same express report shows the nameservers to be correctly defined as:

This of course begs the question, if there are no DNS records available, how is the browser able to correctly resolve (some of the times) to (or any of the other subdomains in question)?

It seems to me that the problem is with the way the nameservers, hosted at Hostican, are behaving or are configured.  Trying to get this resolved by/with Hostican has been an exercise in frustration, ranging from them denying there was a problem to then acknowledging there was a problem, to then suggesting the problem was with my ISP (yet other friends and colleagues on different ISPs than mine have the same issue trying to resolve to my virtually hosted domains; some days it works, other days it doesn't).

The latest from Hostican is "Judging by the symtoms of this, most likely named/bind is dieing on your VPS. You will want to look through your named/bind logs to determine the root cause.

You will want to look at /var/log/messages or /var/log/named specifically around the time your domains stop resolving.".

This is the first, after many less than useful answers that hints at a possible problem area.  Unfortunately, II don't know where to find those logs (a friend has suggested I may not even have access to them as they may be higher up in the server's root, beyond my reseller account's root).

I've tried finding these logs on my reseller account via the WHM as well as on the hosted accounts via their respective CPanels but no luck (they might be there but I can't find them).

I have WHM access to my reseller account's root which includes DNS Functions such as 'Edit DNS Zone, Perform a DNS Cleanup, Synchronize DNS Records' and more, along with the ability to restart the DNS Server (BIND/NSD) but I am reluctant to just start initiating functions when I'm not certain of what I'm doing,

I'm in the middle of some projects and can't afford to lose access to those sites if something screws up.

Can anyone help me sort this out?
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LinuxGuruLinux Server Administrator

The problem seems to be with your name servers. Are you sure the ips for and are and respectively on your server? Just try to ping and and you can see the results. You need to correct the name server ips or if its correct, please ask your hosting provider to add the name servers and ips in your dns zone file. The dns zone file can be located at


Cheers !!!


Hi testez,

I just pinged and and get the response:  'Ping request could not find host' etc..

And I also notice when running an Express record check at that although their check reports an IP address of (which is correct), and the Trace Route correctly completes there, when it tries to retrieve DNS records for if shows:
"DNS servers
Query for DNS records for failed:  Address not available'

Where do I correct those two nameserver IPs?  Do I do it at's registrar (which is where I had done it but perhaps I'd done it incorrectly) ie that's where I defined as having the nameservers and and I further defined that corresponded to 66.,84.8.228 etc..  I don't recall if I specifically tried to register them beyond just defining the IPs there.

Or ... am I to set (or correct or reset) my nameservers on my VPS via the WHM panel.  

As far as I can tell (i'm largely guessing at what I'm seeing there so i could be dead wrong), there seem to be entries for arcalinea which define and  I'm attaching the file from the var/named folder for your review (i renamed the file as a .txt file in order to upload it since we can't upload .db files here)

Thx for your help.


I see in my WHM panel, if i go in to edit the DNS Zone:

the NS records set to and
and the A record set to
www has CNAME set to

the other records in there 'seem' ok to me (e.g. ftp, cpanel, whm, vps, etc.) all point to the same ip

the first entry at the top of the page shows /dev/null.

I also note that every instance of has a period after it as so:  (i assume that is normal and intentional)
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Linux Server Administrator
ok. Could you please add the following lines to your dns zone file and reload the named? 14400      IN      A 14400      IN      A

Let me know the results.
LinuxGuruLinux Server Administrator
Also please backup your zone file before making any changes.

Do you have shell access? If yes, you can use the following command to backup the zone file.

cp -rp /var/named/  /var/named/

After that edit the file using

vi /var/named/

Save and quit.

Reload using the following command.

service named reload
In a standard zone file, the trailing dot (i.e. "") is used to indicate that it is the fully qualified domain name (FQDN); this is done to avoid ambiguity.  If you wanted to create a host "" you could, but make sure to add that trailing dot.  It seems the post from testez seems to be missing that trailing dot.

Also, when encountering problems with DNS, remember that caching is a bit issue: once a server has requested information, it should store information for as long as your domain's "TTL" (Time To Live) value is set; since you've got it as 14400, that information will be cached for ~4 hours.  When trying to resolve DNS problems, it is best to set this down to the smallest reasonable time...  try 600 (10 minutes) or 3600 (1 hour) to avoid too much insanity.

All that said, it seems that testez found the problem: there is a missing "A" record for your nameservers in your domain record.  Add those, increment the serial of the record (so other DNS servers know there's been a change) and restart the service.


Thanks a lot for this.  I have to tend to other business today (which absolutely requires me to have access my sites) so I will attempt the changes likely tomorrow ... just in case :)

I'm so looking forward to resolving this (sorry ... bad unintended pun)!
LinuxGuruLinux Server Administrator

Ok. No problem. Just let us know if you require any further assistance.


Thanks u2.  Sorry for the delay in returning to this.  I had to complete a project which required uninterrupted access to my sites and didn't dare risk mucking things up in the meantime.

Seems you both nailed it.  Turns out my host support staff, after insisting for 2 months that everything was fine with my setup, finally went in and fixed it a few days ago and did exactly what you recommended (from what I can see).

All of my sites have been resolving without trouble since.

I don't know for certain if the serial number was incremented.  Is there any harm done in me going back and and incrementing it now, or since it's been several days since the change, is it pointless to do that at this time.  If i do increment it, do I simply update it in the DNS Zone form the way one would update any form record or is there anything special about the process?

I'm attaching a screen grab for one/both of you to have a look if you have a minute, just to let me know if anything looks out of whack.

Lastly, I have a separate question regarding updating my VPS's WHM and CPanel software.  If I post a new question, is one of you interested in picking that one up (assuming it's your bag?).

Thanks again for your support. Screengrab of arcalinea DNS Zone


Bang on.

testez, crazedsanity, please check out my last reply if you have a moment.

Thanks again.
Glad to hear it all got resolved.

There's no harm in updating the serial number; it is worth noting that the serial number, while it can take any form as long as the updated numeric value is higher than before, is usually: yyyymmddnn (four-digit year, month with leading zero, day with leading zero, number of times edited that day [usually 00]).  Take that as you will...  I'd update it to be 2011091600 just to be sure.

The serial number is basically just a number.  Other servers will query the authoritative DNS server for a domain they've received a query for; if there is no change, they continue to use their cached value (if available).  There's a lot more to it than that, but you get the idea (hopefully).

I don't see anything in the zone file that jumps out at me as being wrong.  I suggest running a query against the important DNS records (e.g. mail, ns1, ns2, etc) to make sure they resolve, just to be sure.  Setting up a monitoring service (i.e. Nagios) is a pretty worthwhile investment to ensure you're aware of problems at least as quickly as your users.

As for your last question... I don't know anything specific about WHM or CPanel, but I'll help however I can.  

Thanks for the points!


crazed sanity,

All great advice.  I've updated the DNS Zone serial number.  I follow your explanation.  I assumed it worked that way but this is not my area of expertise so I never know what i might be overlooking.

Regarding querying the DNS records, is the best way to do this to use a web based service like say: or is there a simple cmd line function like (figuratively)  'query records=*.*', or should I just skip this and delve into Nagios.

Nagios seems very interesting.  I'm not too surprised that such facilities exist but I've never gone looking for them.  Seems like it's open source as well.  Big bonus.  If you're familiar with that service, can I trouble you to give me a quick hint (to save me a ton of reading trying to decipher which of their platforms, add-ons, plug-ins, etc. I would need).  I have about two dozen sites I'd monitor.

I'll post my other question now and return here to post the link to it in case you want to take a look at it.

Thanks again.  


Here is my other question pertaining to basic management of a reseller account on a VPS.

Thanks for any help.
Using that website for DNS checking is just fine.  Windows has a command-line utility "nslookup" (as does Linux), that works like:
nslookup ns.server.tld

Open in new window

Linux also has a "dig" utility that is recommended over nslookup, though not quite as simple to look at (differentiating "no records found" versus "found something" isn't straight-forward).

If you have the time & energy (and lack of budget), setting up a Nagios server works, though it takes a fair amount of time to get to the point that it is working properly.  If you have the budget for a subscription, I'd recommend finding an online equivalent that simply allows you to configure what is being checked (how often, how to notify, etc), as that option is usually distributed enough to deal with localized outages.


Present budget suggests I try the Nagios route first and see how far i can get before getting bogged down.  

Thanks again for the guidance.

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