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I should be able to figure this out, but I must be missing something..  I uninstalled Trend Micro and somehow in the process it wiped out some settings in my receive connectors.  The main symptom was that although Exchange email continued to flow, a few people who get their email via POP who are outside the network could no longer send or receive email.  I was able to fix that, but in the process they could no longer send mail if they had their client configured to require authentication.  At this point I am not sure what settings each of the connectors should have for Authentication and Permission Groups.  I need to be able to send/receive mail to and from the internet, send/receive mail from a fax device within the network, and I need my POP clients to be able to send/receive email without an open relay.  I know this is simple, and I'm probably overthinking it, but it's driving me nuts!
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send connector should require authentication

the receive connector should allow anonymous connection to receive internet mail.

also check if you require pop or secure pop (port difference)


I really didn't think anything had happened to the send connector, but maybe I'm wrong.  I looked at the output of get-sendconnector |fl and couldn't tell whether authentication is required.  Did I just miss it?  The receive connector does allow anonymous connection, I am just not sure what else needs to be checked on that page and on the authentication page.  I don't require secure POP.  Thanks...


I found this answer - run the following command:  Get-ReceiveConnector "YourReceiveConnectorName" | Remove-ADPermission -User "NT AUTHORITY\ANONYMOUS LOGON" -ExtendedRights "ms-Exch-SMTP-Accept-Any-Recipient".  Is that what will fix it and require authentication for outgoing email?  I need to find the answer fast because it appears that I do have an open relay at the moment.  Thanks!
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as i said, the send connector should only allow authenticated users/your lan IP range to send mail
receive should allow anonymous.

alsdo you can do this from the management console, and do not need the shell for this


Well, the command failed anyway, said the ACE didn't exist.  And I don't see anywhere in the send connector settings that allow me to set what you say.  It would have to be authenticated users, not IP range because of the POP3 users.  
OK check this:

under server config-->Hub TRansport--> receive connectors --> properties
check if anonymous is allowed there
this should be marked, also exchange users and servers
and network should be all

that should be it
also forgot to say: TLS should also be enabled under authentication, in order to have pop3 ppl send mails through your server
on the same receive connector


I think this was the complete answer - I ended up opening up an incident wtih Microsoft and the guy didn't know what he was doing - I had it just about working before he called me back and then he messed things up even worse, and finally I fixed it myself.  So I'm not even sure to this day what else wasn't right but it's working now and I appreciate the help.

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