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This is my first exposure to Exchange 2010.  I am sort of trying to figure this out  I have created three servers.

EX01 - Mailbox and Hub Transport Role
EX02 - Client Access
EX03 - Mailbox

I am unable to create a mailbox database or public folder on the EX03.  Just to clarify, I go to the third server (EX03) I load EMC.  Drill down to Server Configuration/Mailbox. On the Action pane I DO NOT get any option to create a New Mailbox Database or New Public Folder Database.  The only option I get on the Action pane is Export List, View, Refresh and Switchover Server.   I only can create databases on EX01.  So I am not sure is this the way it suppose to work or not.

On EX01 under Server Configuration/Mailbox I CAN create Public folder I also can point to EX03 and create public folder.   But, that is not what I was looking for. I wanted the create the Public Folder within EX03.  I am not sure why I can not create Mailbox databases from EX03.

Also, I want to add if go under Tools and select Public Folder Management Console and try to connect to server and click on browse EX01 is the only server that comes up and not EX03.  


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for the mailbox try this from the EMS no EX03 -

new-mailboxdatabase -name "whatever you want"
and for the public folder database -

new-publicfolderdatabase "whatever you want" -server "ex03"
then you should be able to give the users mailboxes and for the public folders you will have to open an mmc and find the addin for the public folders and from there you can create and manage the public folders
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I tried it and I get an error.  I attache the image.  Please note I can create a public folder from ex01 and point it to ex03 but what I am trying to do is to create the public folder from EX03.


Did I do something wrong when I setup the server?
try this -

new-publicfolderdatabase "mmpublic" -server "ex03"

then after that you should be able to run the command you were running to create the public folders.

The maildatabase installed correctly?



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