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I have to move about 3 email accounts in outlook 2010 from an old xp pro box to outlook 2010 on a new win 7 pro box.  My experience in the past is that when I move the data files over and setup new email accounts, outlook will pull down the emails again and I have 2 of everything. What are the correct steps to prevent that? Also, I believe he has some archived too? What is easiest and correct way to moving everything (calnedar, sent, tasks, etc.) over without duplications? Thx...
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Use windows easy share to move your files from your old computer to the new one.  It will move all the user files including outlook etc..  
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This happens because on the old computer you have enabled setting to leave mail on server. When the new computer connects to server, the server can see that new computer did not downloaded any mails jet. So all mails are downloaded from the server again. (I suppose you are using POP3.)

The best way to get rid of this problem is to disable "leave mail on server" option, check for new mails on old computer. This will remove all already downloaded mails from mail server!! Move all psts to new computer, configure accounts and enable "leave mail on server" option again - if needed.


I've read both articles... eirman, your page says that using windows easy share might corrupt data files...
John... have you had any trouble as such with the easy share?
Both articles will help you to migrate data and settings to new computer, but they will not prevent downloading duplicate mails from POP3 server again...
No troubles one time I've saw it did corrupt the "profile mailbox" this is the problem it will cause which is an easy fix.  Contacts lists don't show up when you click on the To: button. So the fix is to create a new profile and point back to the data files which are already moved during this process.  It is very easy if you have any problems EE is the place to post them.


thx for info

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