C# Directory Monitoring

I need to monitor a directory for changes to files and directories. Ideally i wish to be able to see who has made the changes.

I have been looking at the C# File System Watcher, and that looks good, but i cannot see how i can get the user information? Anyone have any ideas if this is possible to be able to obtain the username of some making changes to a folder or file in C#?
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plusone3055Connect With a Mentor Commented:
only way that can be done is if the  user list information is stored in the folder and the folder itself was an application

you can use it to determine WHAT was changed but not by who with just that class

alnunnAuthor Commented:
I tought this might be the case. Without creating some standalone application, Is there some library that can be used to maybe assist with this? No way to tie in with process monitoring or something like that?
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hate to be the bearer but as i said before unless the folder was an application itself with the user database in it you cannot determine on a machine what user last modified a folder

I monitor changes to projects in databases all day only way it can be done is with a database :(

rajapandian_81Connect With a Mentor Commented:

Try File Sight Pro:
as Rajapandin confirmed thats an entire Application
as I have originally stated thats the only possible way
alnunnAuthor Commented:
I'm still unconvinced... That application doesnt appear to store files within an application. It is monitoring a directory, and logging the usage data to a database.

If this application can do what i want to do, i cannot believe there is not an easy enough way of doing this. However, for $199 i'd be inclined to look at that rather than looking at how to code something.
its not a question of storing files.. Its a question of storing user information...

heres an example

you have a a work machine that has a requires a password
10 people know this password

I go in and change a folder at 2pm and change the folder
person number 2 goes in and changes the folder 5 min later
you go in and it says last changed @ 2:05pm

How is it supposed to know who logged in last when were all using the same password to access the machine ???

Answer is it wont beucase there is nothing to unique identify who has logged onto the machine and that particular folder...

No one is trying to trick you.. there just is not a simple way...

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