trying to allow https management to WAN interface of Sonicwall 2040, 3.1.0

i'm trying to reach the external address of my Sonicwall through it's external address.

I have an access rule to allow https management to the LAN port.  When i try and create rule to allow https to WAN, the destination defaults to 'management interface', which ends up being the LAN address.  The new rule doesn't give me an option to change the destination to the external or WAN.

I can access my sonicwall over the internal without a problem but i'm trying to reach it externally.

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digitapConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Do you have any rules allowing HTTP or HTTPS to an internal server? Sounds like there may be a conflict rule. As a general rule, I only allow HTTPS connectivity to the management interface on the WAN. Then, I go to System > Administration and change the default port HTTPS uses. So, when you connect, it looks like this:


You then don't have to worry about port conflict. Choose a port like 44343 or 44344, etc.
c2mediaAuthor Commented:
that did it.  thanks for the help
You bet! Glad I could help!
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