SBS 2011 and Server 2008 R2 Terminal Best Practice for File serving?


I'm in the process of building 2 servers of identical spec (Quad, 16GB Ram, 250GB SSDs Raid).

One to be SBS 2011, controlling all 20 users
One to be Server 2008 R2 as Terminal Server

Note - We have 15 LAN users (all use Sage 50/user files/email) and 5 Remote users (all use email via HTTP, 1 uses Sage 50 via TS, 4 use LOB s/ware via TS)

The way i see it (correct me if i'm wrong) i have a choice on where to store user files and also Sage shared data files.

Mainly from a speed prospective for the LAN users, where would it be best to store user files and Sage 50 data files, on the SBS box or the TS box?

Or is the differnce going to be v.little?

Many thanks.
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setasoujiroConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I don't see any speed advantage putting on a nas, actually the speed will certainly increase if you have a raid array in the servers with sas disks?
I would store it on the SBS, mainly because it has all the fileserver roles installed without any hassle. also i would recommend to have a TS do nothing else but be a workstation for people.
so if someone for some reason breaks the TS , you still have the fileserver safe
Use SBS for e-mail, file storage, print server. Use TS for remote access only. Think of RDS (TS was old name) as a glorifed workstation. It should have any roles but RDS and related functionality.

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connectexConnect With a Mentor Commented:
That should have been:

The TS server shouldn't have any roles but RDS Host and other RDS functionality (licensing, gateway, etc).

Although I completely agree with all of the previous comments, it may be worth noting that on our network (gigabit switch / nics) doing an end-of-year run in Sage can take hours. Copying the data to the local drive, running the year-end, then copying the data back is the only way around the issue we can find.

It may be beneficial to locate your sage data on the TS in a secured folder with appropriate permissions and ensure it is backed up regularly to the SBS (possibly via DFSr)?
joefolkesAuthor Commented:
The reason i ask about speed is like Delandale, we have Sage speed issues currently (SBS 2003 box) over the newtwork.

So considering most say leave the TS for RDS only.

Would it now be better to consider a standalone NAS for user files and Sage data files.

Or will there be no speeed advantage over leaving on the SBS 2011 box?

delandaleConnect With a Mentor Commented:
None. The data will still be traversing the network over the same speed connection as the SBS box. As I said, the only way we have found that works is to copy the data locally to perform any data-intensive  operation then copy back. Your choices are either put up with the speed issue, do as we do or move data to secure folder on TS
Any drive array performance increase will not affect this scenario as the bottleneck is the network
joefolkesAuthor Commented:
Happy with everyone's views - thanks
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