.ROM files from DhELL?

Hi folks I've had a bit of reading on this matter I find it rather annoying. LOL

So, Im going to ask.

I have a Dell machine (XPS Studio 435T) running Vista Home premium 64 and was performing the Bios update to accomadate a new OS and new hardware, however, Dell only offers thier bios updates as a package and a windows executable at that. Now we all know ... thats not even worth tinkering with, but ... its the only method offered by DELL. And as happens with that method the app hung on execution, wiped the bios and my only hope is the ami recovery procedure...to do this I need a copy of the .ROM file for the board.

In the past Dell allowed the extraction of those files from the packaged exacutable with a switch or two... - or / writeromfile, was the one I used the most, and it used to be packaged in an executable file that would run on DOS/Windows now it seems thier going win only.

All the other manufacturers make those files available to me, (at least ones I have had to support so far) Dell wont even talk about it.  Then I hear that Dell has coupled thier OS software to check for a dell bios before it will be allowed to run, so ... now taking that os to another machine when it's current machine dies. Now I understand why the ROM files are not available. I also heard other things that dont involve this particular issue, that just make me say....who is running dell now? Apple? Tighting the noose on the product are we.?

Well right now I have a perrfectly good peice of hardware that remains bricked becuase dell will not allow me the ROM file. In fact ... after I got a bit vocal about it...I was removed. SOrry, I'm backing my customer on this one. And all my future customers, If you provide a service that has a 50/50 chance of briking the MOBO but there is no other route, should you not also supply the recovery file?

So, I have gone round and round with dell, and several online establishments but to now avail.
So, anyone have any other methods information or something I may have missed.?

I am kind of thinking that if someone had a backup of any revision of the bios I couls use that to execute the reload procudure built into the bios.

OH, here is a little history, I have hit all the usual bios list items, remove battery, set jumpers, discharge all capacitance, ect... our only hope is that the book block for the bios is still intact and that cntrl-home will force boot from first sata port. read the file on the disk and force flash the bios with the contents of the file. THat is the recovery method for this particular bios.

Does anyone have a copy we could use.? Or a suggestion that will lead us there?

thanks much in advance for any help what so ever!

oh...and sorry for all the spelling errors...im tired...LOL
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☠ MASQ ☠Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I'm looking at a decompiler/disassembler that will work with the C+ package but it looks like the BIOS ROM binary has been added as an overlay to the executable.  

I can extract the C+ code and icons (using MPress) but am guessing the ROM gets ignored as the output from the decompiled code is only around 8% of the file size.  

Do you know the ROM file size (outside of the installer)?

As you know there are only around half a dozen BIOS versions available to download and they are all compiled the same way.

Do you have access to another 435T or 9000?

I'm also guessing that you've tried a lot of ways around this before posting.  Could you let us know what you've tried already so we don't end up hitting the same dead ends?
GSShotgunConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
thanks very much for the last two posts guys.

The o7 link was working....but the file is not decompressable. And I cannot extract anything from it.

With regard to what I have tried, out side of decompiling things myself that last bit I posted is where I left off. And by posting here I was hoping to solicit some other owner who may have already worked with a 435t/9000 and might have had a backup/copy.

I think you are very correct about what is in that packaged file, I am seeing referneces to the sizes of two distribution types from dell, one with only the hdr, and one with the complete package and they are no longer issueing the complete package.  That seems to be what I am picking up anyway.

SO the package file Im looking for would be over 2 meg, so I am told.

The other hope would be that someone that has already done an updgrade did a back up of thier origianal bios and saved it on disk before they proceeded with thier bios upgrade and still has a copy.

From what it looks like here, Dell is going ultra proprietary, I don't know about you but that just took them off my accetpable vendor list.

In any case I would say that the both of you have led me to my conclusion, I will make it say that in a little bit...but I want to leave this open a little longer to see if I can get  someone that may have the left over backup of the bios.

Thanks very much for your help guys/gals!! It's very appreciated.!

All that I did prior was listed in the post, I just left out the many repeating sequences of going round and round with dell in all it's forms to obtains just this simple file. Something that should NOT be an issue for a legitimate customer. Other than that I am now at the mercy of someone's random act of kindness. I in that...I have great faith.
GSShotgunAuthor Commented:
I had found through my searches on the Dell website and internet that the solution may no longer be available  and why. The second answer, was the best for me as it listed the contents of the available packages and confirmed what I had suspected ... the packages do not contain complete images, just headers/changes. Thanks very much!
GSShotgunAuthor Commented:
oh...and it is said you should never present an issue without a solution, so...

When in future planning rooms you guys sit down, please add a process that reloads at least a basic bios operating system that can be executed with a simple jumper reposition and and key combination when restarting or some such simular Idea. Idea released to the ether....free of charge!
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