Dell Optiplex 330, Intel Matrix Storage Manager drivers & Win 7

I have a dell Optiplex 33 loaded with a Windows 7 image from a Optiplex 380.  I did not sysprep the PC prior to capturing the image, but I could get the image  to boot on the Optiplex 330 by disabling Ahci in the BIOS.  

I have downloaded the proper Sata driver from Dell's website, but can't install the drivers.  There is no setup or install included with the drivers.  Right clicking and selecting "Install" on the .INF files do not work.

How can I install the drivers in Windows 7 so that I can re-enable AHCI mode?

Some of the driver file names are:


Any help appreciated!!
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I don't think you can. I believe you need to reinstall the OS with the AHCI setting enabled in the bios but I also don't think you should worry about it. Last time I search ahci vs ide I don't think the benefits were that great.
stewarrh99Author Commented:
If it was only on PC, I would take your suggestion.  Need to ghost this image on 30 PCs.  

Maybe I need to sysprep ....
stewarrh99Author Commented:
Tried to load a syspreped image, now getting the 0x7b error.
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Did you change the ahci setting after imaging. I usually have to change the setting to boot to the ghost disk and then reset the setting after the image is complete.
Jackie ManCommented:
32 bit or 64 bit windows 7?
stewarrh99Author Commented:
Thanks for all the suggestions.  Final solution was to change the bios in the first 15 PCs and re-install the chipset and storage manager drivers in the last PCs.

Thanks for all that responded and helped!!
I am wanting to upgrade several optiplex 330's to Windows 7 and I saw this post. How did you get the Windows 7 drivers for the 330, when I go to Dell's site I only see Xp and Vista drivers. Am I wrong?
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