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are there any good video downloaders?  I want to save videos from websites onto my computer.
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A V GeorgeConnect With a Mentor Additional General Manager (Communications and Public Relations), BHELCommented:
You can also use the free version of Real Player. Just Google for it.

Once it is installed, a Download button appears when your mouse's cursor is placed over a downloadable video embedded in any web page.

If the button does not appear, just select this option in the Download section of Preferences.  

Good Luck!
rockiroadsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
if you use firefox you can download videos from say sites like youtube. 2 good one's I know of are sothlink web video downloader  or flashgot

I used to use sothlink but since Ive upgraded to latest firefox, I now use flashgot. Its pretty neat, I use it for downloads also along with jdownloader. I should of used this earlier lol.

some other tools out there also for ie, have a websearch for it. I have not tried it for IE as I find firefox easy
Jennette BrianVideo MakerCommented:
There are lots of software and websites that are available in the market through which you can download videos from the website onto your computer. As you are looking for the free platform to download videos then you can download it from video downloader. Here you can download videos from Youtube, Tumblr, and all other sources.

For downloading the videos you will have to follow these steps:-
1. Open video that you want to download.
2. Copy the link of that videos.
3. Insert it on the input of videos downloader.
4. Press enter to download it.
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