iPod Classic stuck on 0:00 and won't play songs or movies

I have an iPod Classic 120GB that functions perfectly in every sense, except that when I try to play songs or movies, the progress bar stays on 0:00 and it won't actually play. My warranty has expired and I have tried resetting, toggling etc. Ideally I would really like to fix the problem myself, but the only suggestions I seem to find online are the 5 R's and thumping the iPod which haven't worked. Does anyone have a solution to this issue please??
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jeff_01Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Its too much to type so I just cheated and found a website that explains it nicely.



Can't u like plug it in to itunes and "Hard-Reset" it ?
I know that it have worked before.
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Switch the hold button on and off and then press and hold the menu button as well as the middle button for a few seconds. This should reset the ipod. If it still isnt working after that you may want to try using itunes to recover the ipod. Open Itunes and then select the ipod and click restore. Make sure you have an internet connection as it may download the required files. After that it should work fine.


shanghai79Author Commented:
Thanks very much for your suggestions guys!
Resetting doesn't work.
I have just got a new PC and have not been able to transfer my music to iTunes on the new PC yet.
If I "Hard-Reset" or restore via iTunes, am I likely to lose my music?
You will lose all the music and files on your Ipod yes. You would have to resync them to the Ipod after you have done a restore. Your Itunes library will not be affected.

shanghai79Author Commented:
Thanks jeff 01. Will give it a shot and let you know how it goes :-)
shanghai79Author Commented:
Restore worked a treat thanks guys!! I am ecstatic and soooo thankful!!! You guys rock!!

Any recommendations on transferring all my music from iPod to iTunes on my new PC please?

 I tried Copytrans but they wanted me to pay after the first 100 tracks. iDump didnt seem to do anything.
shanghai79Author Commented:
jeff 01 I am officially all sorted and back in business! Thanks sooo much for all your help, you're an absolute Legend!! :-)
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