xp shortcuts for run and shut down

Does windows (in this case XP but other server 2003/08) have any shortcuts to acheive being able to run , i.e. the run button that used to be on the start menu but here is hidden via group policy? And a shortcut to shut down a system? If so can you share the key combo's?

As a general comment if you hide the run command (admin templates > remove run from start menu) on the start menu is it no longer useable?

And finally why (what security benefits) does enabling via GP the setting:

"hide my network places icon on desktop" ?

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davealfordConnect With a Mentor It SupportCommented:
Key combination for exit app. or shutdown is alt +F4

If removing the run command then GP should also restrict access to command prompt and task manager etc.

Hiding desktop shortcuts is just a method to restrict casual users from browsing you network. It shoudl be used in conjunction with restricting drive access, removeing the 'right mouse click' context menu and a whole raft of other measures to lock a system down.
'Windows key' and 'r' for 'Run'
'Alt' and 'F4' for shutting down Windows.
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pma111Author Commented:
Anyone got one for viewing my network places?
network places?
Windows Key + N

 my> computer?
Windows Key + E

Taken from here;

Hamid Reza MolahadiCommented:
Run -> MMC -> Add/Remove Snap-in -> Click Add -> Select Group Policy Object Editor....for Remote Computer Click Brows Button..Click OK.
User Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Desktop -> Hide My Network Places
Rikin ShahMicrosoft Dynamics CRM ConsultantCommented:
I would suggest you use AutoHotKey.

Its an open source macro creation and automation utility. You can create your own shortcuts for windows and other softwares.

Rikin Shah.
pma111Author Commented:
meant to split points - can you unlock? My bad using phone
pma111Author Commented:
If not can you split points evenly between all who contributed
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