Windows Server 2003 All User Accounts Disabled?

We had an ex-employee go into our server, disable all the user accounts and simply log out.  Now, none of the accounts work.  How can we go about getting back in?  Simply backing up wiping and reloading is not an option as we have too much proprietary software that is installed that would be extremely difficult to find and reinstall.  Please help.
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setasoujiroConnect With a Mentor Commented:
normally you can still log on as LOCAL admin.
you can also boot from a live cd, load the raid drivers (if any) for your system, and enable the local accounts, or create one
I'm taking it that no one ahs the AD controls installed on there PC then, you do all AD elements from the server?

You could get the Server 2003 disk and isntall the Admin tools to a PC it will give you access to Users and computers and you should be able to get at things that way.

I'd then consider legal action against the ex-employee

gta2011Author Commented:
setasoujiro:what kind of live disc?
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gta2011Author Commented:
akitsupport:not sure where the server 2003 disc is?  any other options?  also, we have contacted the da, don't you worry!
you can download the server discs from m$.
you need the server disc as well to boot from and start the recovery console.
but if you can't find the server disc then i wouldn't bother because you'll probably won't find the raid drivers either?

but can't you access using local admin?
You can't find the server disks either.

I'd say once you get this all sorted you might want to redo your company IT policy and amke sure you have all the software where you can get at it.

But as setasoujiro has said you can download it from M$ website, though that is limited to if you have volume licence or technet subscription I think.
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