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We have a one way trust in place between DomainA and DomainB.

I am having an issue with some servers (others work fine) whereby I am unable to access the shares on a server in DomainB from DomainA.

Whilst testing, I have placed the domain admins of DomainA into the server in DomainB. I know that this has taken affect as I can login to the server with my DomainA credentials after doing this.

When I am on a machine in DomainA (logged in with my domain Admin account) and I try to resolve
I get all the shares returned

Clicking on any of the shares gives me 'access denied'

I have checked the security logs on the sever which tell me that the Access has been granted - Audit Success!

If I try accessing any of the admin shares (admin$, C$ etc.) then I get a prompt for a username and password

The permissions on the shares are 'Everyone' = Full Control and I have also checked using effective file permissions that the rights are correct.

It would *appear* to only be affecting Server 2008 (we also run 2003) systems but other Server 2008 systems are OK.

Can anyone offer any suggestions?
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Just to confirm; you do have some servers in DomainA that can successfully access those same shares on DomainB?

if so, have you already tried a gpupdate on the server in DomainA that's having problems accessing the shares?


Just to confirm; you do have some servers in DomainA that can successfully access those same shares on DomainB?

--No, the shares on 'some' of the servers in DomainB are not accessible from any location in DomainA

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I would definitely look into the link posted by ppcdev and see if any of the potential solutions listed in it would work.


Didier VxSystems Engineer and Finance Analyst

You're welcome :)

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