Three Days missing email lost after trasnfer from ISP Backup - Exchange 2007

Our server was down for three days, on boot up, our ISP had a large amount of email they had captured during teh down period.

When it did not come, they said it was being refected due to spam. I turned off all teh GFI spam services, and within a couple of hours they said all teh mail had transfered.

We have not received any of the email at the workstations (Outlook 2007).

I can not find it queued up anywhere.

Where might the email be in holding???
AlisanneLead CondultantAsked:
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What emails are you missing. For example if your server was down from 9/4-9/7 are you missing email from 9/4 or another day?

If you are missing from 9/4 in this example it may be that your server was down longer than the ISP's server was set to queue. If this is the case I would imagine that they are just gone. There would not be any way to get them back unless your ISP have backups or an archive of all mail coming in.
AlisanneLead CondultantAuthor Commented:
From Fiday night - Tuesday morning - the whole period server was down and teh ISP was collecting.

After thay said the handoff was complete, we still had no mail that represented the down period.
AlisanneLead CondultantAuthor Commented:
The Ques look very different in 2007 than what i was used to in 2003,  how would i find a que full uf undelivered mail???
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Your ISP should have queued it up Ghent when your Server was back up it would have forwarded the email then. However if something was wrong with your server it could have been lost in the transition.

Are you using the POP3 connector to pull your email?
AlisanneLead CondultantAuthor Commented:
Additional info:

I spoke to ISP again this morning, and they said that they had ~92 emails that they had collected from Fri-Mon.

Once we came online, they said they got reject messages due to to spam filtering, and aksed me to add their ip range to my whitelist.

I have GFI Mail Essentials, and that was an easy change...

But I would alo like to add their server range to Exchange 2007 as a whitelisted source.

Using EMC, Under Server Config, Hub Transport, Default (SBS-08-SERVER), properties, network, I added thier range to the "Receive mail from remote servers that have these ip addresses"

Under Exchange 2007 Management Shell I added teh following command:

   Add-IPAllowListEntry -IPRange

It confirmed the entry and listed expired as false..

Should this kkep the server from rejecting email directly from the ISP after a down period???  

I am going to test late tomorrow night, but want to be sure I have covered the bases...
You should not need to add the ip address to the recv connectors in sbs you should be able to recv email from all servers by default unless you lock down the recv connectors.
AlisanneLead CondultantAuthor Commented:
This was not resolved s to what happened to missing mail, however a susbsequent test worked.
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